Thursday, June 9, 2016


After the raging fever yesterday Peter and I stayed home to rest. His fever was 99.2 this morning, 98.0 by this afternoon. I celebrated his broken fever! It was a premature celebration because at about 5:30 it came back just as bad as yesterday.

While he had no fever (or so I thought) we went and waited for the big kids and then all went to the farmer's market. After the market we grabbed pizza and prepared to settle in at the garden for a while so I could weed while the kids were watering. And then Peter started feeling terrible so I abandoned the weeding and watered super fast.

Plants look great. The pumpkins are being slow. I really want to find some sweet potato slips, and I might need to start some corn to supplement some seeds that were either stolen by the birds or didn't take. 

I need to figure out an organic way to get rid of the ants. They are eating at all of my plants. And I also need to lay some straw down on the potatoes. And I need to weed. But that will have to wait for another day. A day when Peter doesn't start falling apart because he isn't feeling well. Poor little guy. :(

We got home and Peter showered and then decided to put himself into bed. Again. I really hope he gets feeling better soon.

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