Monday, June 20, 2016

How we do

I got J Saturday night. It was good to get him home. The kids were super happy to see him the next morning.

Happy Father's Day!! Jonathan got a singing tie, a key chain, a coaster, and a book.

I tried to go on a jog today. I don't thibk Pete was feeling it. He did NOT want to ride and was a terrible mess about six minutes in. I gave up. His fits were to monstrous. I think he was just uncomfortably hot. It was really warm here (for Michigan) and he was sweating so badly his hair was soaked and he was really flushed. I got us back to the garden where I'd left my bike and let the kids cool off in the river. 

Then we decided why not head to the beach?

Andrea had dance class this evening. It was just the two of us this week, J kept the boys at home. A asked if we could get ice cream together. I stopped and got her some. 

She didn't realize she'd gotten ice cream on her nose until I showed her this picture. She said "Do NOT put that on Facebook, Mom."

Haha! Okay, dear. I won't. :)

We had to stop at Walmart to get pull-ups and ran into our friends, Amy and Conner, while there. It was nice to have a moment to catch up.

Now home. And I am pooped. Even if I didn't get all of my run in I still got a two mile ride and a mile jog/walk/haul-the-three-year-old-up-some-hills in.

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