Thursday, June 16, 2016


First day of summer break was a wet one. We spent the morning running errands and didn't get out to play because it was raining all afternoon. The weather looks sunshine and lovely tomorrow, though. Yay!

Before the storms set in we went to the garden. You guys are going to get tired of reading that, so let's just accept the fact that the garden is going to happen every day.

I taught David how to spot potato bugs and eggs and he had a blast finding and squashing several of the bugs. I apparently got to all of the eggs yesterday so there were no eggs to squish. David also found a garter snake but he did NOT want to pick it up.

We planted carrots and pulled up radishes. We got a lot! I'll replant radishes and we'll get a few crops before the season is up.

I cleared weeds out of the onion patch and cucumber patch. I added more little onions to the onion patch. I really hope those little guys take off!

Tomorrow I'll clear the weeds from the squash patches and I'll work on the pumpkin patch on Saturday.

The kids sure love spending time in the garden. David was happy to see how well his sunflowers are doing. Andrea is sad about her strawberries, they just never took off. Peter likes playing in the water buckets and finding critters. They don't argue with each other while we are gardening. That's nice.

We did our grocery shopping and that's when it started raining. It was coming down so hard it looked white outside. Fortunately it wasn't raining that hard when we went to the car, but we still got pretty wet.

We came home, had lunch, cleaned around the house, planted some seeds in a starter box, practiced piano, put together freezer meals. I wasn't feeling so great at some point so I had the kids turn on a movie ("FINALLY!!" they said) and I took a short nap. Dinner was stir-fry and rice. We cleaned up and now I'm working on a quilt.

Won't that make an adorable, sassy baby girl blanket?? It was all lined up so perfectly, and when the bundle totaled up to $6 I couldn't pass it up. I needed a project anyway. There are some gals in the ward that get together and make baby quilts once a month for a charity, maybe I'll throw this one in their pile. :)

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